Consumer Cleaning vs. Professional Cleaning

Most people are not a fan of cleaning, it takes up a lot of time and energy. Even when they do clean, they are often not that satisfied with the results. Deep inside, we know that the Tile & Grout can be way cleaner if completed by a Professional. So here are the differences between consumer cleaning and professional cleaning: Professionals have high standards of cleanliness and are much more thorough than a consumer will be. One must take note that these are experts in their trade and do this type of work every day. So it only makes sense that the Professional can clean those floors better and faster.

Cleaning services also have heavy duty and expensive equipment solely for each kind of cleaning. With that, they carry a lot of different solutions that will surely remove all of the dirt and stains that you are concerned about. Buying all of that on your own will cost a hefty amount of money and may still produce minimal results. Vacuuming, mopping, and brushing isn't enough. Take a look in your restrooms, front entry, kitchen, dining room and laundry area and if you see dark and dingy grout, try to clean it. I bet that even if you spend hours cleaning that, it will not be removed. A healthy home expert won’t even break a sweat by making that look brand new. The same can be accomplished on carpet, area rugs and upholstery too! Lastly, saving a lot of time by paying a Professional who will do better will make you feel more satisfied. Imagine the stress and energy you are going to ave… you can use that time by going shopping or dining with your family.

EcoFresh Express, the Healthy Home Experts, can clean any part of your home with just one call 405-345-1790. Get on the schedule, and let us do all of the dirty work.

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